An environmental attorney representing Alle-Cat Wind Farm opponents expressed concern Tuesday over an important meeting of the New York State Siting Board on Thursday.

Gary Abraham, who represents the Freedom and Farmersville United groups concerned over placing 600-foot industrial turbines in the towns’ rural setting, said an important “emergency rulemaking” meeting will be streamed live on the internet.

“The Siting Board will meet to consider what appears to be a request by Invenergy for new rules governing Canisteo, Bluestone, Alle-Catt and other large-scale wind and solar projects operating or planned in New York,” Abraham said in an email to members of the groups.

“It may be that rules will be changed regarding how local laws are applied,” Abraham said. The meeting will start at 9:45 a.m. Thursday.

He urged those that are able to sign up for “party status” for this proceeding, Case 20-F-0067, and to watch the meeting using a link provided in the Notice of Meeting on the e-docket.

Abraham said to enter NY PSC 20-F-0067 in the search bar of your browser and scroll down to Case 20-F-0067 on the list that appears, click on the case number. People should download the “Notice of Meeting” from the page that appears in the upper right corner of that same page. Request party status by clicking on the link.

Now, Abraham said, click on the link at the bottom of the page that appears, on the left, marked “Request for Party Status.” Lastly, fill out the information as prompted, including accept electronic service. This will get you instant email notification of filings in the case as they occur.

“I suspect some opportunity for comments or other submissions will follow the meeting,” Abraham said.

Residents may also use the “comment” tab at the top of the main page that appears for this case to file a brief comment on the meeting or any submissions listed.

“You can also file more lengthy comments as one or more letters, by emailing: with a separate cover letter,” Abraham said. Put the Case number above the salutation and one sentence in the body: “Please accept the attached letter for filing in this case.”

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