Rebecca Nodler

Rebecca Nodler, LPN

OLEAN — Rebecca Nodler, LPN, orthopedics, Foothills Medical Group, received the third quarter Nightingale Award at Olean General Hospital.

“Becky is retiring in December after having served our hospital for 30-plus years. She embodies the old school mentality of a nurse — truly caring for our patients in a loving way, working tirelessly without complaint, and working until she gets the job done.

“Becky regularly comes in on her time off on the weekends (unpaid) to get her endless paper work done to make my patients’ lives better. She does this only out of true genuine care for them. Without her work, many of our patients would have issues with making ends meet due to not getting disability or work comp payments, and her heart is physically heavy when they have barriers doing so.

“Clinically, I can always count on her to make the right decisions and her history taking is immaculate. She is by far one of the best nurses I have ever worked with. She is always ready to help teach our students and trainees, and always puts our patients at ease. For some reason they always open up to her with embarrassing or off the wall circumstances regarding their injuries. I think this is a testament to how she interacts with patients and puts them at ease during times of stress,” according to her nomination.

The award is a quarterly recognition of nursing excellence determined by nominations from the medical staff.

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