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The self-proclaimed "Live and Let Live" party, the Libertarian party of Pennsylvania, has announced their candidates in the 2022 upcoming election.

According to BallotPedia, the Libertarian party is the third-largest political party in the U.S. "Libertarians strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions," according to the party's website.

Statistics from wikipedia indicate the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania membership sits at 45,469 as of 2021.

Matt Hackenburg, running for Pennsylvania Governer


“I’ve watched as politicians steal money from our pockets, our homes, at the gas tank, everywhere we turn,” said Hackenburg.

“I’ve watched as they waste the money we earned with no benefit to us. I’ve watched as they muzzled and abused our children. I've watched as they’ve taken away our ability to protect those children and our families. And I’ve watched as control over our own lives has moved from our homes, to Harrisburg, down to D.C., and beyond. It’s time we reclaim our freedom," he said.

Hackenburg lives in Northampton County with his wife, Laura, their young daughter, and their homestead of dogs, chickens, and goats. Matt is a former member of the Army National Guard and has a fifteen-year career as a computer engineer in the aerospace industry.

Matt Hackenburg's website.

Timothy McMaster, running for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor


"I have been a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania." said McMaster. "I am from a small town you may have heard of: Gettysburg. I have seen, for far too long, how the elected elite treat the free people of Pennsylvania as if we were beneath them. Taxing our wages, taxing our homes, taxing our investments, taxing our businesses, sending our young men and women to fight and die in wars that only enrich them and their corporate masters! The list is endless."

McMaster continued, "It has led to an oppressive state where we are thrown crumbs from their tables and are expected to be happy to receive them. I say it is enough! We, the free people of Pennsylvania, need to reclaim our liberty. We need to throw off the chains of oppression and stand up to these career politicians and reaffirm our rights, our liberty, and our very freedom! I am running to show the people of Pennsylvania that liberty is for us all! I am running to #MakePennsylvaniaFreeAgain! In short, I am running for YOU!"

Visit Timothy McMaster's website.

Erik Gerhardt, running for U.S. Senate


"I am Erik Gerhardt, a Pennsylvanian through and through. I love this state from the cold winters to the beauty of the spring and summers. I’m a former boy scout patrol leader, senior patrol leader, and also den chief. Working in the construction field since I was 16 and attending north Montco tech, I also took part in their Pennsylvanian youth apprenticeship program. Graduating in 2004 from Souderton area high school I continued in construction working for my father and other construction companies till 2015 when I started my own company ECG Carpentry," according to Gerhardt.

"As the times grow more turbulent my body needs a break but my mind is strong and in search of a challenge. I have many ideas to bring to our country and would like to set my problem-solving skills to the senate. What we need in government is change and new, young minds to bring a bright future. I intend to build the framework of a greater America for all and a fresh beacon for a world united," he said.

Visit Erik Gephardt's website.

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