Mike Tyson won't intervene in Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Mike Tyson has dismissed suggestions that he could broker peace between Russia and Ukraine following President Vladimir Putin's order to invade.

The former two-time world heavyweight champion was likened to Dennis Rodman – the basketball hero who famously travelled to North Korea to meet dictator Kim-Jong Un – by controversial radio host Alex Jones but Iron Mike doesn't believe he can stop Putin's military action against Ukraine.

Tyson, 55, said of the conflict: "I think it started out as a war for finance. And so many of us got involved because of the humanity of it. It became a war of humanity because so many people got involved, so many countries got involved, and now Russia's really losing from a public opinion perspective.

"That's worse than being hit by a nuclear bomb, so to speak, at least you're dead with a nuclear bomb but you've got to live with this c***."

When Jones suggested that the former fighter could use his global fame to put an end to the war Tyson suggested that an intervention might not actually be helpful.

Iron Mike said: "I'm going to look at it like this. People aren't going to like this. Sometimes I see a hawk and it grabs a robin. And I can stop him from killing that bird but once I stop him from killing that bird, he dies, his baby dies, who am I saving, how am I right?"

Jones agreed with the boxer and praised him for thinking several steps ahead.

He said: "I think that's the real knowledge, to think multi-steps ahead. You're not only looking at one level. That's what we were born to do."

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