I would like to thank Cattaraugus County for the press release made this week regarding The Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centers. It is good to keep the public and family members informed.

I personally appreciated the call from the Family Liaison who called after visiting my loved one.

Perhaps the next press release could answer the following questions:

1. Since beginning the heightened scrutiny of staff members earlier this week, have any staff members been turned away? If so, from which facility? Are these individuals in either a precautionary or mandatory quarantine? Have they been tested for the COVID 19 virus?

2. Have additional phone lines been installed to handle calls from loved ones to staff between 1 and 3 p.m.? It is sometimes hard to get through now. When loved ones for 120 people call, it is likely to be much more difficult. When does one call if one is working those hours?

3. What are the criteria to obtain “express permission” to make a window visit to a loved one or a church friend? When such permission was sought by my church for a 2 p.m. visit on a Tuesday, permission was denied. Ensuring safety is needed, as is maintaining mental health and reassurance that comes from seeing loved ones in person even if through a window.

I hope these questions will be answered soon.

Diane M. Trippany, Olean