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How times change — and so quickly. Who would have thought the entire country would be forced to confront a deadly disease and essentially shut down to protect itself so quickly?


There are three reasons why the weekend of March 14 was pretty special. First, it was the last weekend of winter and even though it was mild, that makes it special in my book.

Wednesday’s the first day of trout season. I certainly hope this fills you with bubbling excitement and a thrill of anticipation and I’ll tell you why.

I often alternate between laughing and crying. I have a special ability to store things in places which seem wise and sage at the time, but are impossible to find later.

Well, it’s that time of year, when things kind of drag a bit. Most of us are pretty sick of winter, even if it’s been a mild one. The short days, cold weather, wind, rain, sleet and snow are b…

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