The Bob Davies-Lou Foy Memorial Scholar-Athlete Award, counting down to its 39th annual presentation, remains the Times Herald sports department’s most prestigious citation for Big 30 sports.

The award honors Davies, the much-beloved and respected TH sports writer and Foy, the iconic former Salamanca coach, athletic director and one-time Section 6 president.

Foy actually created the award with which his name is now also associated, albeit circumstantially.

When Davies, his good friend, died of a heart attack at the age of 57 in October of 1980, Foy felt a citation should be established in the sports journalist’s name.

Davies was a Renaissance Man whose undeniable interest in sports was equalled by his fascination with theater, literature, movies and music, an eclectic cross-section ranging from classical to heavy metal.

The oddity was, despite being the St. Bonaventure men’s basketball beat person for a quarter century while also covering all manner of high school and college sports, plus assisting with the Bills and now-defunct NBA Buffalo Braves, he never had a driver’s license, let alone a car.

Bob’s career was covering athletes, but the Syracuse alumnus also put an enormous value on academic performance and school citizenship.

HENCE, Foy created an award in Davies’ name that had five criteria:

1. nominees had to be seniors,

2. have participated in two varsity sports,

3. be part of at least two extracurricular activities,

4. hold high academic standing and,

5. aspire to higher education.

Foy’s parameters were perfect … except for one unintentional oversight.

Though Title IX had been on the books for nearly a decade by then, girls’ scholastic sports, in 1981, recognition-wise, were in their infancy. That reality was mitigated by the perception females — across the board — tended to perform at a higher level academically … at least those involved in athletics,

Thus, the then-44 Big 30 schools were forced to choose whether to nominate their strongest male or female candidate.

When Foy died of cancer 20 months after Davies, the TH changed the citation twice. First it became the Bob Davies-Lou Foy Memorial Big 30 Scholar-Athlete Award and, starting in 1983, a female division was added.

OVER THE years, only the competing schools have changed. The original 44 vying for the high-profile award are down to 30, with West Valley having dropped its sports programs in favor of a cooperative agreements with, first Ellicottville and Franklinville, and, most recently, Springville.

The tightening of the Times Herald circulation area also eliminated seven schools: St. Marys Public, Elk County Catholic, Ridgway and Johnsonburg from Elk County, plus Kane and Sheffield in Pennsylvania and Randolph in New York.

In addition, Bradford Central Christian closed and mergers claimed five New York schools: Allegany-Limestone, Bolivar-Richburg, Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Cuba-Rushford and Genesee Valley (Angelica and Belmont).

This year’s response from the 30 invited districts produced 24 female and 20 male nominees as four schools — Andover, Cameron County, Hinsdale and Port Allegany — had only a female nominee who fit the criteria.

No nominees were received from Archbishop Walsh, Austin, Bradford High, Houghton Academy, Pioneer and Whitesville.

OF THE 24 females, 15 were either valedictorians (nine) or salutations (six).

The valedictorians were Allie Li (Allegany-Limestone), Leah Simon (Andover), Hannah Clark (Bolivar-Richburg), Kamme Guisto (Cameron County), Rebekah Clark (Cuba-Rushford), Carmen Mancuso (Fillmore), Abigail Anderson (Northern Potter), Karina West (Oswayo Valley) and Emily Gustafson (Smethport).

Female salutatorians were Summer Harper (Cattaraugus-Little Valley), Shaelyn Black (Coudersport), Savana Carapellatti (Hinsdale), Ryland Lawton (Port Allegany), Nora Warrior (Salamanca) and Margaret Davis (Scio).

Of the 20 male nominees, nine were either valedictorians (four) or salutatorians (five).

The valedictorians were Adam Enders (Belfast), Austin Musselwhite (Friendship), Ethan Watson (Genesee Valley) and Andrew Sheeler (Otto-Eldred).

Male salutatorians were Sam Flanders (Allegany-Limestone), Maxwell McCumiskey (Fillmore), Benjamin Mooney (Franklinville), James Daley (Portville) and Darion Gregory (Smethport)

Allegany-Limestone (Li and Flanders), Fillmore (Mancuso and McCumiskey) and Smethport (Gustafson and Gregory) nominated both their valedictorian and salutatorian..

Winners will be announced Sunday in the Times Herald and were selected by retired Cassadaga Valley principal Jud Foy, Lou’s son, and a committee of administrators from outside the Big 30 area.


— Sam Flanders, son of Sarah and Dale Flanders. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Soccer (all-star) 9-12. Basketball (all-star) 10-12. Language Club, Natural Helpers, Leo Club, Unified Basketball 9-12. Peer Tutor 10-12.


— Adam Enders, son Mary and Chris Enders. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 9. Class vice president 9-12. Soccer (all-star), basketball (all-star), baseball (all-star) 9-12.


— Nicholas Scarpa, son of AJ Scarpa. National Honor Society 9-12. Class vice president 12. Cross country, golf 11-12. Baseball 10. Football 12. Language Club, Yearbook, 9-12. Science Club 11-12.


— Robert Steffy, son of Kimberley and Wilbert Steffy. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president, Student Council 10-12. Soccer, track & field 10-12. Golf 9, 11-12. ECOS 9-12. UNITS, weightlifting 10-12. Chorus, Drama Club 11-12, band 12.


— Matthew Owen Chambers, son of Jennifer and Mark Chambers. National Honor Society 10-12. Student Council 9-12. NHS, French Club, Varsity Club treasurer 11-12. Basketball (all-star), soccer (all-star), baseball 9-12. Language Club, Varsity Club 9-12. Envirothon 10-12.


— Connor Whitney, son of Stefanie and Darby Lavery. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 9-12. Soccer 10-12. Golf, volleyball 10-11. Youth Court, French National Honor Society, Scholastic Challenge 9-12.


— Brennan Finn, son of Eileen and Matthew Finn. National Honor Society 11-12. Soccer (all-star) 9-12. Basketball 11-12. Track & field 10-11. Baseball 9. Football, golf 12. Varsity Club, band, language club 9-12. Drama Club 10.


— Maxwell McCumiskey, son of Nora and Matt McCumiskey. Salutatorian. National Honor Society, class president 11-12. Student Council 9-12. Soccer (all-star), baseball (all-star) 9-12, basketball 10-11, wrestling 9, 12. Band, stage band, Drama Club, language club, ski club 9-12. Tutoring 12.


— Benjamin Mooney, son of Tami and Chris Mooney. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class treasurer 9-12. Football (all-star), baseball 9-12. Basketball 10-12. Band 9-12. Yearbook 12.


— Austin Musselwhite. Son of April Barrett. Valedictorian. Class vice president 11. Judicial chair 12. Basketball, baseball, soccer 9-12.


— Ethan Watson, son of Christina and Jeremy Watson. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class vice president 10-12. Student Council 9-12. Swimming (captain 10-12) 7-12. Golf, soccer 12. Swim club, Scholastic Challenge, language club 9-12. Band, jazz band 10-12. Yearbook 11-12. Boys State 11.


— Tristan Byron, son of Kay and Clayton Grover. Class treasurer 10-11. Basketball, track & field 9-12.


— John Dwaileebe, son of Nina and John Dwaileebe. National Honor Society 11-12. Class treasurer 10-12. Student Council 12. Soccer (all-star) 9-12. Baseball, basketball 11-12. Language club 9-12. DECA Club 10-12.


— Isaiah Barney, son of Tracy and Jeremy Barney. National Honor Society 10-11. Wrestling 9-12. Track & field 11. Band 9. 4H 9-12.


— Andrew Sheeler, son of Heather and Brian Sheeler. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12, treasurer 12.. Student Council 10-12, treasurer 11-12. Peer Helpers treasurer 11-12. Baseball 9-12. Cross country, basketball 11-12. Band, Quiz Bowl, Mock Trial, Peer Helpers 9-12. SEAL Robotics team 10-11. Stage Band 10.


— James Daley, son of Jocelyn and Charles Daley. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 9, vice president 12. Track & field 9-12, soccer 10-12, indoor track 12. Science Club 11-12. Band 9. Language club 12.


— Brandon Milanowski, son of Carly Rogers and Michael Milanowski. National Honor Society 11-12. Golf (all-star), bowling (all-star) 9-12, soccer (all-star) 10-12, tennis 11-12. Chorus, Drama Club 9-12. Community Theater, band 10-12. Science Club, Language club 11.


— Seth Porter, son of Jessica Porter. National Honor Society 12. FBLA Advisor 11-12. Track & field (all-star), soccer (all-star) 9-12, basketball 10-12. Band, stage band, ensemble 9-12. Language club 11-12. Drama Club 9.


— Darion Gregory, son of Holly and Kirk Gregory. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 10-12. Student Council 9-12.Class treasurer 9. Show choir vice president 12. Cross country (all-star), track & field all-star (all-star) 9-12. Wrestling 9. Peer helpers 10-12. Outdoor Club 12.


— Martin Stonemetz, son of Meghan and Wayne Stonemetz. Wrestling 9. Football 10, Track & field 11. Yearbook 10-12. Chorus 9.


— Allie Li, daughter of Yuyun Quan and Jiantong Li. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class secretary 11, treasurer 12. Swimming (all-star) 9-12, tennis 11-12. Band, stage band 9-12. Chorus 9-11. Ensemble 9-10. Language Club 10-12. Drama Club 11-12.


— Leah Simon, daughter of Heather Simon (Andover) and Neal Simon and Madonna Figura Simon (Hornell). Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 9, secretary 11-12. Fine Arts Club president 11-12, Band Club president 12, Senior Club president 12. Basketball (all-star), soccer (all-star), softball (all-star) 9-12. Band, jazz band, chorus, ensemble, Fine Arts Club 9-12. Olean Synergy softball 9-12. Drum majorette 10-12. School tutor 10-12. SADD 12.


— Mackenzie Hurd, daughter of Rebecca and Shane Hurd. National Honor Society 10-12. Class president 9-12. Student Council 9-12. Soccer 9-12. Softball, cheerleading (all-star) 10-12.


— Hannah Clark, daughter of Michelle and Gregory Clark. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 10. Student Council 11. Tennis 9-12. Volleyball 10-12. School newspaper 9-11. Dance 10-11. Drama Club 9-10, Yearbook Science Club 11. Language club, Ski Club, band 9.


— Kamme Guisto, daughter of Francine and (late) Nick Guisto and Steve Gillette. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 10-12. Spanish Honor Society 10-12. Business Honor Society 11-12. Class president 9-12. Basketball (all-star), track & field and golf. Language club, Business Leaders 9-12. Science Club 9-10.


— Summer Harper, daughter of Jessica and Tony Schabioski and Scott Harper. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class secretary 9-10, vice president 11-12. Cross country and track & field 10-12, basketball 11-12. Science Club, Kid Connect, Natural Helpers 9-12.


— Shaelyn Black, daughter of Michelle and Gordon Black. Salutatorian. National Honor Society (vice president 12) 10-12. Class vice president, Student Council 11-12. Varsity Club president. Spanish Club Secretary 12. Softball (all-star) 9-12, basketball (all-star), volleyball (all-star) 10-12. Language Club, Varsity Club 9-12. Science Club 10-12. Interact Club 11-12.


— Rebekah Clark, daughter of Gerald Clark. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Volleyball (all-star), basketball 9-12. Softball 10-12. Envirothon 9-12. Chorus 9.


— Linnea Jimerson, daughter of Heidi and Philip Jimerson. National Honor Society treasurer 11-12. Class treasurer, Music Club treasurer 10-12. Band, chorus, Varsity Club 9-12. Music Club, Jazz Club 10-12.


— Carmen Mancuso, daughter of Kari and John Mancuso. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class treasurer 11-12. Student Council (president 11-12) 9-12. Soccer (all-star), track & field (all-star), basketball (all-star) 9-12. Language Club 9-12.


— Renee Szymanski, daughter of Sharon and Joseph Brodka. National Honor Society (treasurer 12) 11-12. Class secretary 9-11. Basketball, softball 10-12. Cross country 9-10. Soccer 11-12. Band 9-12. Yearbook 11-12.


— Jadyn Golden, daughter of Dawn and Scott Golden. Class vice president 11. Softball, volleyball 9-12. Basketball 10, 12. Cheerleading 9. Chorus 9-12. Youth Group 9-10. Model U.N. 12. Language Club 9.


— Madison Herdman, daughter of Karen and Scott Herdman. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 9-12. Student Council 10-12. Student Government 11-12. Athletic Council 11. Soccer 10-12. Golf 9, 11-12. Basketball 11-12. Softball 10. FBLA 9-12. Yearbook 10-12. Book Club 9-10.


— Savanna Carapellatti, daughter of Lynn and Paul Carapellatti. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class secretary 9-12. International Club secretary 10-11. Softball (all-star) 9-12. Soccer 10, 12. Basketball 9. Band, Ski Club 9-12. Hiking Club 9, 11-12.


— Abigail Anderson, daughter of Keri and Jon Anderson. Valedictorian. National Honor Society president 11-12. Class president 10-12. Student Council 10-12. Varsity Club president 12. Basketball 9-12. 4H president, FFA, Enrichment, Youth Camp 9-12. Band, stage band 9-10. Science Club 12.


— Justine Brooks, daughter of Maria and Dan Brooks. National Honor Society 11-12. Soccer (all-star), softball (all-star) 10-12. Basketball (all-star) 11-12. Spanish Club 11-12. Ski Club 9.

OSWAYO VALLEY — Karina West, daughter of Diane and Scott West. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 11-12 (president 12). Class president 9-12. Student Council 9-12 (secretary 11, president 12). NRG Club (secreta

ry 11, president 12). Varsity Club 10-12 (secretary/treasurer 11-12). Softball, track & field (all-star) 9-12. Basketball (all-star) 10-12. Cheerleading (all-star) 11-12. Cross country 9-10. Band, chorus, Arts & Humanities Club, Mock Trial 9-12. Ensemble 9-11. Envirothon 10-12. Outdoor Club 12.


— Lauren Cousins, daughter of Valerie and Keith Cousins. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president 11, secretary 10. Cross country 10-11. Basketball 11-12. Track & field 9. Yearbook 10-12.


— Ryland Lawton, daughter of Danielle and Matthew Lawton. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Soccer 9-12. Track & field 9-11. Chorus, ensemble, Drama Club, Enrichment. Peer Helpers. Chamber Singers 9-12.


— Bryn Milne, daughter of Christine and Matthew Milne. National Honor Society 11-12. Class secretary, Student Council 9-12. Basketball (all-star), softball (all-star) 9-12. Soccer (all-star) 10-12. Science Club 11-12. Language Club 12.


— Nora Warrior, daughter of JoAnn Warrior. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 11-12. Class president, Student Council 9-12. Cheerleading 9-12. Tennis, lacrosse 10-12. Bowling 11-12. Band, Science Club 9-12. Language Club 9-11. Yearbook, school newspaper, Business and Marketing Honor Society, Key Club 11-12. DECA 10-12.


— Margaret Davis, daughter of Dawn Avnet. Salutatorian. National Honor Society 10-12. Class vice president 11. Student Council 12. Cheerleading (all-star) 9-12. Soccer 11-12. Golf 10. Track & field 11. Softball 12. Band, stage band 9-10. Language Club 11. Ensemble 10.

SMETHPORT — Emily Gustafson, daughter of Amy and Brian Gustafson. Valedictorian. National Honor Society 10-12. Class treasurer 9, vice president 11, president 12. Student Council 9-12.

Volleyball 10-12. Track & field 11. Chorus, 4H 9-12. Miss McKean County 11-12. Prom committee, Yearbook 12.

WELLSVILLE — Jana Whitehouse, daughter of Margaret and Aaron Whitehouse. National Honor Society 11-12. Class secretary 9-12. Basketball (all-star) 9-12. Soccer 11-12. School newspaper 11. SADD 9.