CARROLLTON — No injuries were reported when a car carrying three people from Bradford, Pa., caught on fire at 3:37 p.m. Monday on Interstate 86 West.

Limestone Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Soper said firefighters from the Salamanca Fire Department were dispatched to the scene first and put the fire out. Limestone firefighters assisted by detouring traffic off the interstate at Exit 23.

Soper and Salamanca fire officials didn’t have the names of the occupants of the car, as their report wasn’t completed by press time. The car’s driver was a woman, and the passengers were believed to be teenagers or young adults, he said.

The car occupants said they had filled up their older-model, four-door Suzuki with gasoline and were driving on I-86 when they realized the vehicle’s brakes weren’t working, according to Soper.

“They were right on the town line on I-86, probably 3 to 4 miles” past the entrance ramp in Carrollton, Soper said. “They heard a clunk or something, and they were going to try and pull over. But when they stepped on the brakes, all of a sudden (the vehicle) filled up with smoke.

“They had to slam it into park” to stop it, Soper continued, speculating the vehicle’s faulty brakes might have caused the fire.

Firefighters were at the scene for 20 to 30 minutes.