Flowers blooming

Tami Adams of Shinglehouse, Pa., sent us this photo of pansies bloomed in her garden over the warm weekend.

Yes, it was warm Saturday. So warm that it tied a record high temperature for Jan. 11 in Olean.

The previous record high, according to the city of Olean’s wastewater treatment plant statistics, was 60 degrees in 1966. This past Saturday the high was 60 as well.

Olean’s normal high temperature for this time of year is 30 degrees, while the normal low is 12 degrees.

The warmth drew folks out to walk their dogs, get in a nice jog or ride bikes on the Allegheny River Valley Trail, which saw a great deal of traffic throughout the day.

Meanwhile, Tami Adams of Shinglehouse, Pa., sent us a picture of pansies in her garden that managed to bloom again. Definitely some seasonal confusion there in regard to the time of year.

Elsewhere in Upstate New York, record highs for the date were set.

Albany reached 67, beating the Jan. 11 record by 10 degrees. Saturday was Albany’s third-warmest of 4,526 January days since record-keeping began 146 years ago, according to

It took Syracuse until two minutes before midnight, but the warm air finally pushed the temperature to 67 degrees, tying the record for the warmest Jan. 11 on record.

For perspective, that’s 36 degrees above normal.

Saturday’s temperature also tied for the 11th-warmest day in the month of January for Syracuse since records began in 1902. Think of it this way: 99.7% of all January days were colder than Saturday was.

Buffalo also set a record with its high of 67, which was tied for the sixth-warmest January day since Buffalo’s records began in 1873.

Rest assured, winter is far from over. The white stuff is in the forecast for this weekend, as temperatures return to what we expect in middle January.

Jim Eckstrom is executive editor of the Olean Times Herald and Bradford Publishing Co. His email is