Lincoln Park construction

Workers build the roof of the farmers market structure at Lincoln Park last week. Work on the $1.25 million structure is set to wrap up by the end of June, with other site work to finish by the end of July, city officials reported.

OLEAN — The farmers market structure at Lincoln Park should be pretty much done by the end of the month.

Kicking off in April, the $1.25 million project is on schedule, Ring said. The main construction is expected to wrap up by the end of the month as the primary contractors move on to school construction projects.

“We don’t really expect any delays — all the equipment is on site, all the fabrication is complete,” he said. We’re thinking the end of July before everything wraps up.”

The majority of the rafters for the 210-by-34-foot structure have been installed and workers are continuing to build the roof, allowing for observers to see the scale of the structure and how it will fit in the park. The bathroom enclosures have also made progress, and the accompanying bistro structure has been roofed and walled in.

Once the rafters are in place, the dark bronze-colored metal roof will be installed, Ring said, and then the concrete floor will be poured.

After the primary structural work is done, a dozen trees will be planted in the park, as well as the new shrub row along the northern edge of the park. The shrubbery replaced a wrought iron fence originally proposed for the park due to cost. During that time, finish woodwork on the structure, plumbing and electrical work will be wrapped up.

REAP Farmers Market officials do not expect to move to the site this year, having told the Times Herald previously that the group committed to using the parking lot at the Olean Center Mall for the rest of the season. The market moved to the mall in 2016, having spent time at BJ’s Wholesale Club, JCC, War Vets Park and a parking lot behind the former Sears building.

WORK ON THE play area on Whitney Avenue is set to start June 14th, according to the project schedule, with work clearing and preparing the site started earlier this spring.

“It’ll only take us a few weeks to get the equipment in and the fence up,” he said, with a July 5 completion date. “Maybe get some grass to grow before the ribbon cutting.

A ribbon cutting is scheduled for July 19, with an accompanying play date.

The $56,378 project is partially funded with a $38,000 grant from KaBOOM! and the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, with the remainder coming from the city. The city’s share includes $10,400 of in-kind work by the DPW crews, another $7,800 from the DPW budget and $120 for a ribbon-cutting ceremony from the mayor’s budget for celebrations.

The largest expense — around $28,000 — purchased play equipment like LED glow swings, oversized musical instruments, an outdoor ping pong table and a climbing wall made to resemble railroad ties — linking the park to its environment near the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. Another $15,000 is allocated for fencing to keep park visitors safely away from the tracks and street, as well. The remaining covers site work and labor.

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