A neo-Nazi group is supposedly hosting a meeting in Ulysses, Pa. on Saturday, but Potter County officials aren’t raising the alarm.

In fact, Ulysses Borough Council President Roy Hunt said that despite the organization’s leanings, they stay within the confines of the law.

“With all these meetings, they wind up with one or two people,” Hunt said, adding the bulk of the meetings are made up by Daniel Burnside’s family. “There were probably three or four times the number of protesters than there were people at his house.”

The Coudersport-based state police barracks commander, Sgt. Mike Murray, said state police are aware the group is meeting, but it doesn’t raise concern for him.

“We monitor it to ensure the public’s safety,” he said.

Burnside himself told The Bradford Era that there is no need for anyone to be alarmed. “We follow the law and do not condone violence or illegal activity.”

Hunt added that the events are well policed, and there has never been legal issues from the meetings.

“We don’t like what’s going on here, but legally there is nothing we can do to force him out,” Hunt said. “It’s been tried all over the country, to try to take down the (Nazi) flags.

“We deal with it,” Hunt said.

He offered some advice to Ulysses residents regarding the meeting: “Go on about your normal, everyday life. Ignore him, as usual. If you do see anything unusual, contact 911 and let them take care of it.”

Hunt said while he isn’t happy with the idea of neo-Nazis in the community, he isn’t alarmed, either. “I don’t foresee any issues.”

Jim Eckstrom is executive editor of the Olean Times Herald and Bradford Publishing Co. His email is jeckstrom@oleantimesherald.com.)