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POST FALLS, Wash.- Lemonade with a side of love.

Seven-year-old, Camydn Thompson, can be shy at first, but once he pours you a glass, you’ll see his smile.

His little lemonade stand at the end of Dipper Lane in Post Falls still sits in his family’s driveway.

People are still coming by to get a glass, but not as many.

But if we re-wind to Saturday, Dipper Lane was packed.

“We had a huge, gigantic showing of people, we had a line for lemonade and it was amazing,” Terina Thompson said.

Camdyn’s mother, Terina, says people from Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and everywhere in between came. Even the Post Falls Police Department, Kootenai County Fire and Rescue showed up.

But it’s more than just a kid selling lemonade.

“He has in the hospital for five days,” Thompson said.

At the age of four on Thanksgiving Day in 2016, Camdyn was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

To watch his blood glucose levels, his parents have an app to monitor the rise and fall of his sugar, but sometimes the technology can be unpredictable.

So they are seeking man’s best friend.

“So we decided we wanted another line of defense to help us with him and that and that is what they call a DAD (diabetes alert dog),” Thompson said.

Terina posted on social media before the community yard sale happening in their neighborhood about Camdyn’s stand and word spread quick.

Terina says people came to not only buy lemonade, but share stories of loved ones affected by Type One Diabetes.

The love, she says, is indescribable.

“Some people said that they are mailing donations and someone said that they have a letter coming from Utah,” Thompson said.

To boot, Camdyn raise over $3,000 in one day.

If you couldn't go to the lemonade stand, but you'd still like to help out, you can give to Camdyn's family's PayPal account, under

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