It’s that time of year when the home at 3830 McMahon Road in Hinsdale attracts attention from paranormal visitors.

HINSDALE — Fascination with an allegedly haunted house in Hinsdale hasn’t died down apparently.

Every Friday and Saturday through the rest of this month and into the next, the Paranormal Investigation Tour (P.I.T.) Society is giving tours of the “Hinsdale Haunted House,” located at 3830 McMahon Road.

“The tours have already sold out,” said Dave Klaes, vice president of the tour group. “We actually had to have more times for tours and even offer special tours because the interest is so great.”

Klaes purchased the property about four months ago.

“The last owner was actually planning to burn it down and then just sell the property. I wanted to save it,” he said. “There are a lot of people who are still curious about this place. Whenever I’ve been up there since I bought it, people stop by because they want to see the place and walk around the property a bit.”

Since buying the house, Klaes has had its roof replaced and a substantial honeybee hive inside the building’s walls removed.

During the upcoming tours, Klaes and members of the P.I.T. Society will take attendees through the house and around the property, telling tales of ghosts and paranormal encounters that reportedly happened there.

“We really want to give people who are interested in the house the chance to come inside, have a look around and hear the stories about what happened here,” Klaes said. “We’re also hoping to share stories that people might not know about. There are just so many different stories about this house.”

“We’ll also have ghost hunters here during the tours. It should be a fun experience.”

The house and its alleged haunting have been the subject of several books, documentaries and paranormal investigations.

The bulk of the unexplained was experienced by the Dandy family, who resided at the two-story, three bedroom home located at the end of a dead end street for five years in the early 1970s. The family eventually left the house, as brushes with the otherworldly reportedly became all too frequent and an apparent exorcism by Father Alphonsus Trabold, an ordained exorcist and friar as St. Bonaventure University, did little to quell the paranormal.

Clara Miller, the matriarch of the Dandy family who changed her last name after her divorce in 1980, returned to her former residence for the first time in April 2012.

During an interview with the Times Herald after her visit, Miller recounted several paranormal encounters she and her family had while living at the house. Experiences with specters ranged from bumps in the night and items being inexplicably moved to hearing what sounded like Gregorian chants coming from a nearby forest and the appearances of full-bodied apparitions.

After the Dandys left, ownership of the house changed several times until 1986, when Florence and Joseph Misnik bought the property. They lived at the house well into their 80s. The couple died within two months of each other in 2010. The house has sat vacant since then.

The house still seems to be a haven for ghosts and other spirits despite not having had a living resident in five years, Klaes said.

With P.I.T. Society, Klaes has conducted paranormal investigations.

“I was just there on (Tuesday) and I had an (electronic voice phenomenon) response that said, ‘I’m dead,’” he said. “I also had some of our different meters that measure electricity respond, and there’s no electricity to the house right now.”

Klaes said he’s even had contact with Florence Misnik.

“I’m pretty sure she still comes to the house,” he said. “When I was there, I asked for ‘Flo,’ and my meter started going off. I asked her to follow me upstairs, and the meter stayed lit up.”

It’s those experiences that convince Klaes purchasing the house was a solid investment. In fact, he hopes to open a paranormal research center in it.

“The house is a piece of history,” he said. “It’s definitely worth saving.”

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