About a year ago, my family spent a short time in Florida and observed the apparent non-use of the bike lanes incorporated into a large portion of the road system where we stayed. There was no use of the bike lanes, with existing sidewalks getting all the bike traffic.

After a recent visit to Florida, staying at a different location where there is a more extensive stretch of bike lanes incorporated into the road system, I did not see a single biker using the bike lanes. 

I can conclude over my small sampling of bike-lane use, after two visits to Florida, that similar lanes built into Olean’s North Union Street project will likely receive similar non-use. 

I feel that parallel parking should be used and drivable lanes north and south squeezed to the middle. Meanwhile, where practical, plant trees for shade along the sidewalks instead of in the middle of North Union. 

None of this matters, I suppose, since the decisions were made on this project long ago by the expert hired by the city. Good luck with the project.

Tom Craig