I read something about an American Legion post reaching out to the community, showing great concern for a veterans’ post struggling to exist.

This article mentioned a lot of issues, some of which I’ve experienced myself. As past commander for five years — and 26 total years of service at the Bolivar American Legion — these obstacles were not easy to overcome.

Unfortunately for myself and two other veterans trying to change and improve these issues, our effort led to many conflicts with members and meetings that were not productive. This only led us to transfer our memberships, mainly because of conflicts of personalities colliding.

The community will feel the outcome the most. In reading this article, I just wish to say to the community that we did whatever we thought was right and circumstances beyond our control took over our efforts — and we hope that the community fully understands that.

The Bolivar Legion, like many other legion posts, needs the young veterans of today to get involved. This is not an easy task. Legion posts of all counties are having similar problems.

The legion programs are pipelines to the knowledge of veteran-related issues, from the medical benefits to employment after their military obligations are over and the transition from military life back to civilian life. Being a member of an American Legion organization not only provides leadership roles, but answers the many veteran-related questions many might have on issues.

The work and programs of any post can again happen for all posts, as well as Bolivar. Working together is a common goal. Fighting with each other and unresolved issues keep the post from thriving. The backstabbing and talking behind veterans’ backs doesn’t solve anything. This only leads legion posts to where Bolivar is today.

Veterans who think they have the leadership skills and knowledge to join our Legion posts around the area — to help these posts and to learn more for themselves — I urge you to reach out and join a Legion to give the help it needs for the future.


(Mr. Bonney, of Bolivar, is the past commander of the Bolivar American Legion, as well as past Allegany Countycommander of the Legion.)