On the commentary page of Sept. 18, Leonard Pitts Jr. offered numerous slurs, lies, misrepresentations and unfounded accusations that demand response.

He wrote that President Trump had a history of racist, misogynistic and incompetent behavior. Furthermore, he wrote the GOP has doubled down on its message of white grievance.

I don't know what he is talking about, but he sounds perhaps racist himself in his views. Pitts goes on, "In fairness to Democrats it is likely easier for Republicans to be ruthlessly single- minded, given that their audience (Republicans) is relatively monochromatic and clustered around a few core issues. Embrace guns, scorn abortion, immigrants and gays, and drop Jesus' name every now and again and you've pretty much covered all the bases."

Such smugness is nauseating. Later on he states the Republicans made themselves perfectly clear when they punched their ballots for a racist con man.

It is difficult to counter so many atrocious allegations and it is typical Liberal argument to make a large pile of denunciatory assertions, then say, “It's all your fault, what are you going to do about it?” But I will offer a few retorts.

Do I embrace guns? I have two guns, a 12-gauge shotgun for home protection and a .22-caliber rifle for varmints. Only a sick mind like Mr. Pitts would consider embracing a gun. Do I scorn abortion? I believe it is murder of a fetus and should not be done for convenience. Do I scorn immigrants and gays? That's ridiculous to anyone who knows me.

Do I drop Jesus' name every now and again? Yes. The Bible is the result of thousands of years of experience and teaching. It is the foundation of love, tolerance, compassion, morals, ethics and many other good things. Anyone who mocks it is a fool.

Mr. Pitts goes on: Democrats, by contrast (to Republicans), must wrangle an unwieldly rainbow coalition of interests touching reproductive rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights, labor rights, African American rights, the environment, health care, student loan forgiveness, poverty, criminal justice reform and gun control, to name a few.

My response: Reproductive rights? Women have the right to have or not to have a baby. This does not give them the right to kill a fetus for convenience. LGBTQ rights? They have all the rights all citizens have. It does annoy me that they and the liberals have such trouble deciding which bathroom to use.

The environment? Face it. No one can predict the future. We are not gods. We cannot destroy civilization and the earth. Little 16-year-olds are having nervous breakdowns and stand before the United Nations, castigating adults for ruining their lives. Stop scaring them!

Student loan forgiveness? They were deluded into signing a form that committed them to a promise to pay money back. The government never paid any of my loans. Pay the piper! Criminal justice reform? Trump has been addressing this issue but the liberals won't give him the credit. Gun control? A sophomoric attempt to prevent murder, and a demented effort to disarm citizens. Immigrant rights? They are not citizens of this nation; their rights are not the same as mine or yours.

Poverty? Every major city in the country has huge numbers of poverty-stricken people. They have all been run by Democrat mayors for 50-60 years. What makes Mr. Pitts think Democrats have ANY idea of how to cure poverty?

I am a Republican. He is attacking me personally. He has accused me of all sorts of scurrilous things and made baseless assertions about my character. It is my turn to reply in kind; I have free speech, too.

Of Mr. Pitts and the leftist liberals, let’s just say that I have little regard for their capacity for deep thought on topics such as life, people and religion. However, they do know politics — and are the best of the sleaziest.

(Kent Smith lives in Smethport, Pa.)