Dresser-Rand supports the completion of a four-lane highway on Route 219 from Peters Road, just south of Springville, to Interstate 86 in the Southern Tier. While any proposed improvements to the existing 28-mile, two-lane stretch of highway would be a step in the right direction, we believe the ultimate goal must be a four-lane highway.

The next step in this process is for New York state to fund the $6 million environmental impact study for this expansion.

For Dresser-Rand, completion of Route 219 will improve our competitiveness in the global marketplace, which is a good thing for our employees and the communities that depend on Dresser-Rand for economic strength and stability. Completion of Route 219 offers reduced logistics costs and transport times for our suppliers to the north in the Buffalo area and Canada that ship major raw materials to Dresser-Rand. A four-lane highway provides improved access to shipping ports such as the Buffalo and Toronto International Airport and ports on Lake Erie, which lead directly to domestic and international waterways.

Almost every local resident has seen the enormous, 20-or-more-axle trucks used to transport our finished products from Olean to destinations around the globe. Imagine the logistics hurdles and additional time and expense created when trying to move such large equipment on two-lane country roads. For our largest shipments, the lack of a viable north-south shipping lane prevents or restricts our use of the aforementioned ports on Lake Erie, and forces our shipments to East Coast waterways, at higher cost.

For the general public, the completion of Route 219 will provide a more convenient, quicker north-south route from the Southern Tier all the way to the Canadian border and beyond. This provides significant travel advantages to visitors coming to the area from the north to visit our local businesses, universities, ski resorts and other local attractions.

Now is the time to fund the environmental impact study for the completion of Route 219.

John Stahley                                                                                    General Manager                                                                              Dresser-Rand Co.